Someone Had My Spirit Before Me

someone had my spirit before me

i almost remember choosing this body

for another i had used

became old and i refused

to be finished on the land

“send me back” i did command

So I came back here to Earth –

had to go through another birth

and all the trials of being a child;

had to grow independent;

had to cultivate a conscience;

had to completely lose my mind

to remember body is not “i”

and here I sit today

telling the story of the way

I returned to the land

to finish what I had planned.

I get closer everyday

I’m safe with God leading the way

and when I’m finished what I need to do

when I’ve become who I wanted to

I will die once and for all,

It’ll be goodbye my fellow souls,

I’ll hold a party in the sky

For everyone who helped me fly

and to those who made me crawl,

I will give thanks to most of all.

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