I have self-published three books of poetry available in e-book format at www.smashwords.com. Click on a cover below to see each book’s webpage, where you can preview a sample or buy a copy. There are formats for all major e-readers.

Do you read e-books on your Apple device? You can download directly from iBooks or iTunes using the link at the end of each book’s description.


Mineral Kingdom Speaks (2014)

My first book of 100% channeled poems. Written over about two days in June of 2014, after a major spiritual crisis around the one-year anniversary of my Master level Reiki attunement. The title hit me as I was falling asleep one night, and it was one of those “quick grab a pen” moments. Well, I grabbed my laptop and most of the poems came out in one stream of consciousness. The next morning I was so surprised to read them, as I didn’t even remember writing more than the first two. Some of my best poetry to date, and I hope this muse catches me again soon!  Buy it on iBooks!



Exchanges with Self and Others (2009)

Thirty-eight poems ranging in theme from dreams to spirituality, relationship, death, and landscape. Collected from the time in my life shortly after my father passed away and around the time I was first attuned to Reiki. Buy it on iBooks!





conversations_with_the_sun_and_the_moonConversations with The Sun and The Moon (2004)

A collection of poems from my teenage years. Themes include love, drugs, depression, dreams, spirituality, and nature. This is the first book of poems I ever published. The original printed version was pocket-sized, spiral bound, and given to friends and family for Christmas. Download for FREE on iBooks




Exchanges with Self and Others is also available in print through Blurb.com.


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