New Moon January 20th 2015 ~ Super Moon in Aquarius

Welcome to the first new moon of 2015! Are you ready to dive deep into the activities, projects, and plans you’ve prepared for this year? (You did prepare, right??) Each new moon provides us an opportunity to set new intentions and reaffirm our desires. Watch your dreams bloom into reality as the days progress toward the full moon on February 4th. Be sure to take advantage of this first new moon of the year to start 2015 off with clarity and full intention. The effects of your intentions now will be amplified and reverberate through the rest of the year.

 Here are 6 ways to take your intentions to the next level:

1) speak them out loud: don’t just say what you want silently to yourself in your head. Make the air around you move by saying it out loud. For full effect, repeat at least three times.

2) write it down! write your intentions down on some good old fashioned paper. Keep the paper so you can check back on your intentions later. If you feel the clarity of your intentions slipping, put the paper somewhere you can see it everyday.

3) meditate. Five minutes, twenty minutes, an hour. Whatever you feel you need. Take a time out to affirm your intentions and meditate on them. Sit with the feelings that come up when you think about your intentions and observe what comes up without judgment.

4) get artsy! making a drawing, painting, sculpture, or any other kind of artwork depicting what you want in your life is a powerful way to manifest it. Keep your artwork for future reference and be amazed at just how accurate your own imagination can be.

5) Trust. Set your intentions and then trust they will manifest. Let go of fear, doubt and worry. Put your energy toward appreciating the fulfillment of your desires.

6) surrender. While it’s great to have intentions, goals, plans, and projects, sometimes life throws us a curve ball and things don’t go the way we had hoped. Learn to go with the flow of life and don’t let life’s surprises get you down for too long. Learn to find opportunity in every moment.

I hope you all have a great year! And if you would like a Tarot reading from me to get insight into your upcoming year, or anything else in your life, contact me to book your reading.




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