What’s Your Sign?

This is a little story about how information is more accessible than we sometimes think.

I teach an intermediate english conversation class a couple times a week. The other night, I was preparing my lesson for them, and wanted to incorporate horoscopes into the lesson. For the activity I wanted to do, I needed to know each student’s sign in advance. I happened to already know two out of three of the students’ signs, but for the third student, I didn’t know, so I decided to save the activity for another time.

The next day, class started as it usually does, with a small round of 20 Questions. Usually I choose a word for the students to guess, but this time I gave the students a chance to choose a word and lead the game. My one student whose sign I didn’t know gets up to the whiteboard to take her turn. We guess and guess and guess, but no luck! We ran out of questions, and we got as far as figuring out it had something to do with stars. So, in the end, she had to tell us the answer: constellation. I was really surprised (and impressed) she knew that vocabulary word, but what surprised me even more was what she said next: “It’s because I like to read my horoscope – my sign is Libra.”

I couldn’t help but laugh because she just told me the exact information I had been wondering about the night before, and she had no idea I had been thinking of talking about horoscopes in class that day.

This exact kind of thing has happened to me many times before. So, moral of the story…if you have a questions or need some information, just put it out there to the universe and be sure to pay attention to what you hear and see around you – you just might get your answer!

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