5d Seal Manifestation

Yesterday, in real life, I went to the beach to soak up some sun. The energy of the day was especially high, and I felt a trickle of that sweet 5D energy. Sensing that the light pouring into the day was especially important to receive, I even went the whole day without wearing my sunglasses, simply because every time I put them on, moments later I would feel the need to take them off. Wearing them felt like I was cutting out something very important.

Ok, back to the beach…I had been lying on the sand for about an hour, feeling very relaxed. I sat up to admire the ocean, and noticed something at the edge of the water in front of me. I looked closely and for a minute I thought it was a dead seal. I looked for a few minutes, trying to see any distinctive features of either a seal or a log, eventually deciding it was just a log. Another half hour or so later, I got up to leave. Walking down the beach I noticed another round mound, this time motionless on the sand. It was in fact a small dead seal. I must have walked right past it on my arrival without consciously noticing it. Did my subconscious pick up on it, implanting the idea in my mind so that I mistook a log for a dead seal? Did my intense focus on the concept of a dead seal manifest one? Is it pure coincidence? How malleable is reality? How interactive is our environment?

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